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We will ship on standard N30 terms with the approval credit from our underwriters. We typically just need a credit sheet with bank and trade references.

Please give us a call or send us more information through email. We will consider any opportunity that will bring value to our customers.

Please reach out to any of our buying associates through phone or email. We are always looking for new inventory to buy, large and small.

Please give us a call or send an email to any of our sales associates. We buy new deals every day and can get you on our email lists for all relevant opportunities. We do not post our inventories on the web so please get in touch and tell us a little bit about what kind of deals you are looking for.

yes, we use 4 different warehouse in the united states located in Kansas, California and North Carolina.

KMS has a vast customers base that covers channels in brick and mortar retail, eCommerce, wholesale and export. Traditionally we have distributed a majority of our products to brick and mortar retail chains, both national and regional accounts including Department Stores, Discount, Grocery, Drug, hardware, Furniture, Electronics, Home Improvement etc. We cover small chains with only a few stores to the national accounts with hundreds of locations.

Traditionally the majority of our buys have been in the categories of Apparel, lawn and garden, electronics, housewares, appliances, pet, sporting goods, furniture and outdoor power equipment. We are extremely flexible in what we can wholesale and will consider any opportunity that is of value for our customers.

KMS was founded in 1976 and has over 40 years of experience in wholesale liquidation

STOP trying to crank, take the top back off and check part K to make sure the side with the bowl shape is face up with part H “square tube connecting rod” in it. If it is not take it apart and put it together correctly and try again. If you force the crank to turn you might strip the gears in the leg which will keep the desk from moving up and down.

Try resetting by holding down the on button until the read out says 61.0 on it.

Try resetting by holding down the on button until the read out says 61.0 on it.

Make sure the cord connected to the black power box is connected all the way in.

You can purchase the filters online for filter type: HEPA-PA1 Hepa Filter PA1-12R-32 & PA1-14R-32

Use a vacuum hose to clear the air holes in the front of the unit this should fix the problem with the light not going off after filter has been cleaned.

1. Check your plug in to make sure it is working properly
2. The circuit may have went bad

If the fireplace is turning on and blowing air but not warm air it is possible the heating elements are bad. Please contact or call 800-752-5262 x 209 to order new elements.

Cool Living window air conditioners are designed for installation in standard double-hung windows. For the 5,000-10,000 BTU window units with the actual opening widths from 23” to 36” and the vertical opening of 14 ½ minimum.

For the 12,000-15,000 BTU window units with the actual opening width from 31” to 43” and the vertical opening of 18 5/8” minimum.
For the 18,000-24,000 BTU Window units with the actual opening width from 30” to 42 3/8” and the vertical opening of 19 7/8” minimum.

Dry mode is for the dehumidifier option, when the mode “dry” is selected the unit is strictly working as a dehumidifier. Please note: When the unit is on cool mode the dehumidifier is automatically running with the cool mode.

Yes, no matter what mode you are running the exhaust needs to go out the window as it produces heat.

Yes, in order for the unit to efficiently cool the room the exhaust needs to go out the window as it produces heat.

This is extra insulation that goes between your air conditioner and window seal as extra insulation. It is option to use when needed.

Email and please include your name, phone number, mailing address where you would like the missing part sent, model #, missing part #, description of part and a copy of your proof of purchase (receipt) showing the item and date of purchase.

Some models do not have the time function even though the manual says it does.

Any BTU under 15,000 can be ran on115 volts and 125 volts, anything with BTU 15,000 or more should be ran on at least a 220 volt/20 amp

If it has the lever coming out of the front vent that means your unit is equipped with the fresh air option.

Not all units have this option, if your unit has the fresh air option it will have a lever coming out of the front vent area that connects to an outlet in the back of the air conditioner so that you can open or close it to allow fresh air in.

When the energy saver is on the unit will power down to cycle down the compressor periodically to save energy. The unit will/should still cool to the temperature you have set.

1. Make sure you have it set on the COLD mode not FAN mode.
2. Your unit might be low on Freon – contact a local licensed professional for assistance (some states allow you to purchase a Freon kit from a local store with instruction on how to refill the Freon in your unit yourself)

1. Try pushing the reset button that is on the cord plug in
2. Make sure your breaker is not flipped and is working
3. Make sure your plug in has the voltage needed for the air conditioner unit
4. Check to see if the energy saver light is on- if so wait up to 5 minutes to see if it will kick back on
5. Push the power button to turn it on, set mode, set fan speed and arrow up or down to the temperature you desire if it doesn’t kick on call for additional support at 800-752-5262 x209

Yes, you can purchase a part for your purchase after the warranty is up by calling our customer service # 800-752-5262 x209 or by sending an email to

Cool Living window air conditioners were designed without a drain hole, the unit will recycle the water on its own in the drain pan that has been strategically placed in the bottom of the air conditioner to catch the water.

YES, You must have your receipt in order for the warranty to be valid please keep it in a safe place so you can find it if needed.

You will be asked to provide: Your First & last name, mailing address, phone number, model#, serial #, date of purchase and store purchased from.

Register your product HERE

Register your product HERE

or call 800-752-5262 x209

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